The India video games industry is going through a fast expansion and development period. More and more people are getting access to gaming material because of the growth of cell phones and internet connectivity in the nation. The number of game producers and players in the country has increased.

The rising popularity of mobile gaming in India is one of the key factors influencing this increase. According to KPMG research, there would be 628 million mobile gamers in the nation by the year 2023. Compared to 2016, when there were 154 million mobile gamers in the country, this is considerable growth. The availability of low-cost internet connectivity and the accessibility of smartphones are two factors that contribute to the popularity of mobile gaming in India.

Expanding the game development community in India is another essential factor fueling the video game industry’s growth there. According to Nasscom, about 200 game development studios are now in India. These companies cater to a broad spectrum of audiences by producing a diversified selection of games, from hardcore to casual. In addition, the nation’s growing workforce of game developers is also resulting in more jobs for the sector, further fostering the industry’s expansion.

The Indian video game industry still confronts various difficulties, despite its expansion. There needs to be more infrastructure and resources for game creation. Many Indian game developers still do not have access to the tools and resources needed to produce games of high quality. It is also challenging for game developers to expand their businesses due to the nation’s lack of funding and investment in game creation.

Government support for the video game sector in India is needed. The government has not acknowledged the potential of the video gaming sector to boost the nation’s b

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