Like a sleeping behemoth that has just awakened, the India video games industry generates some global stir. More and more individuals are getting access to gaming content thanks to the spread of cell phones and internet connectivity in the nation, which is proving to be quite a game-changer (pun intended).

Let’s begin by looking at the numbers, shall we? By 2023, there will likely be 628 million mobile gamers in India, according to a KPMG estimate. There are a lot of individuals using their smartphones to swipe, tap, and play games. To put that number into perspective, consider that it exceeds the combined populations of the US, Canada, and Mexico. You may also be aware that where there are players, there are also game developers. India is swiftly d, developing into a center for the creation of video games. India produces a diverse spectrum of games, from casual to intense, and appeals to a wide range of audiences with its 200 game development studios.

However, India’s creativity and invention also impact the world, not only its economic output. Indian game developers are incorporating traditional cultural themes into their games to produce an original gaming experience that hasn’t been seen before.

You might consider, “But hold on, India, isn’t it still a developing nation? How are they supposed to compete with the major companies in the market?” In response, we say: “Ha! Never undervalue a sleeping giant’s strength.” However, due to a shortage of funding and resources, game developers in India have been pushed to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to renew for more, creating high-quality and affordable games.

But there are difficulties in every industry. The absence of government backing and approval is a significant one. But as the sector develops and gains recognition worldwide, we’re optimistic that the government will start to pay attention and offer the assistance the industry requires.

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